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Customise Your MEX System Today

Customise Your MEX System Today

MEX understands that when it comes to maintenance, one size doesn’t fit all. Every company has their own unique needs and practices to follow to ensure they are running a successful maintenance operation. Here at MEX we understand our customers and know that sometimes our users don’t always have the time or knowledge to modify their systems.

The MEX Engineering Team is here to help! Our Programmers can customise your MEX system to behave exactly the way you want it to and tailor your system to suit your needs. From creating custom reports to importing data, MEX Engineering can do it all for you. We can even create a whole new module specifically designed for your business.

If there is a need to integrate with a certain system, our team will find a way to interface it with MEX. From accounting packages like MYOB and XERO to specialised reading capture interfaces. We will find a way to allow your other systems to work alongside MEX.

Our common requests for customisation within MEX include:

  • Standard & Advanced Custom Reports
    • Can’t find a report that suits you in the MEX Report Library? Don’t worry our Engineering team can modify existing reports, create new Reports or KPIs or even merge reports.
  • Data Imports
    • Outside of the standard inbuilt import functionality in MEX, our Engineering team can pretty much import anything into the system.
  • Custom Systems
    • Need to add or modify an existing forms or listing? No worries, MEX Engineering can take the stress out of it and add, remove or create forms, listings or even create a new module just for you.
  • Integrations
    • The Engineering Team can integrate any system with MEX and allow you to run the system alongside each other to streamline your processes and make your life easier.

We want MEX to work for you and for it to meet your exact specifications, allowing for the smoothest operation possible.

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