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Empowering Your Maintenance Operations with Customized CMMS Solutions

Go Beyond Off-the-Shelf: Tailored Solutions Engineered by MEX

At MEX, we specialize in engineering customized CMMS solutions that go beyond the limitations of off-the-shelf software. Our dedicated Engineering Team collaborates closely with you to understand your unique workflows, challenges, and goals. By tailoring the MEX system to your specific requirements, we empower your maintenance operations to thrive and achieve optimal efficiency.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that as your needs evolve, our Engineering Team will be there to support you, ensuring that your customized CMMS solution remains aligned with your organization's growth.

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How We Can Help You!

Here at MEX we understand our customers and know that time is a precious element when it comes to maintenance.

Custom Reports

MEX delivers comprehensive reporting capabilities, covering all data entered into the system. Beyond the 230+ pre-existing reports, our Engineering Team excels in SQL expertise, enabling them to customize and create new reports, Dashboard KPIs, and even merge reports, meeting our customers' specific reporting needs.

Data Imports

MEX offers built-in data import functionality for specific data sets. Our Engineering team excels at importing various data types, including assets and extensive inventory data. Whatever data you need, we can import it into MEX. Additionally, we can set up advanced exports from MEX to integrate with your preferred systems seamlessly.


MEX Engineering seamlessly integrates any system with MEX. Our expertise lies in integrating Financial Packages (SAP, Dynamics, MYOB), Readings (SCADA, Visionlink, Citec), and Requests. We also customize forms, listings, and entire modules to align with your maintenance practices. We can even build new modules from scratch to meet your specific needs.

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