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FleetMEX manages the maintenance of a fleet of equipment. Utilising simple but efficient maintenance modules, FleetMEX transforms your computer into a maintenance control centre.

FleetMEX can Capture Comprehensive Vehicle Information, manage day to day maintenance tasks, Schedule Preventative Maintenance and Inspections, handle Automatic Stores Ordering. Producing detailed statutory reports along the way.

How Can FleetMEX Help You?

Our Benefits

Versatile Fleet Management

Implementation can be as basic or complex as the user intends it to be. FleetMEX can also be easily customised to capture all the maintenance data you need.

Easy To Implement

FleetMEX is an easy to install maintenance system that is up and running in minimal time and once set up, requires minimal administration to keep it going.

Built In Prestarts Module

FleetMEX is one of the only CMMS providers that has an integrated Prestarts inspections module. Capable of capturing your safety checks onsite, anywhere and at any time.

Quality Product Support

Customer service, support and training is part of our culture at MEX. Working hand in hand with our customers to ensure that they get the most out of their fleet management system.

Class Leading Mobile App

Monitor the state of your operations at all times, increase organisational visibility and seamlessly maintain a paperless maintenance environment with the MEX iOS app.

Report Effectively

Run any of the 200+ reports in the FleetMEX system to get a clear overview of your fleet. Making it easy to identify flaws in your maintenance procedures.

Solutions Made Simply For You

Our Solutions

FleetMEX gives you the power to manage and predict fleet availability by scheduling servicing at optimal to ensure you are always operating at maximum fleet capacity.
Monitor tyre wear, schedule periodic inspections, save registration dates and other extensive fleet details. Helping you to reduce downtime and minimise repair costs.
Customers utilizing MEX experience a reduction in unexpected breakdowns by implementing MEX Preventative Maintenance Schedules, Inspections and Audits.
Implement and follow MEX preventative maintenance policies, be vigilant in analysing your maintenance information, and track responsibility through MEX and you’ll be well on your way to a 10% cost cut.
MEX allows for a paperless maintenance system, comprehensive records and fleet servicing history is all stored in MEX and is available to be called upon at any point. See a reduction in administration hours with FleetMEX.

All in One Digital Platform

MEX Prestarts

Capture All Your Prestarts

In Real Time

Introducing MEX Prestarts! Identify Minor Issues Before They Become Major Ones. Minimise Downtime Save Money in the Process.

Step through your checks and capture all information effortlessly. The user-friendly digital form ensures fast completion and accurate issue identification, streamlining maintenance processes and promoting proactive asset management effectively.

Scan Code

Simply scan the QR Code and confirm the Asset's details.

Perform Prestart

Carry out the Prestart, running through all the checks.

Capture in MEX

All Information, Images and Readings are saved directly in MEX.

MEX Prestarts
FleetMEX Screens

Key Modules in FleetMEX

FleetMEX Features

FleetMEX Asset Register Icon

Vehicle Register

The focal point of FleetMEX. The Vehicle Register allows its users to setup a clear concise and descriptive structure that provides an overview of assets and locations.

FleetMEX Preventative Maintenance Icon

Preventative Maintenance

Manage all your repetitive jobs for your vehicles. Generate periodic work orders to either time based or usage based frequencies schedules.

FleetMEX Work Order Icon

Work Orders

Create a job for a vehicle, get something fixed or simply set a reminder you can add, edit, print, complete and sign off work orders.

FleetMEX History Icon


A complete record of all the work you have done throughout the system. Information can be recalled at any point for analysis and reporting.

FleetMEX Control Files Icon

Control Files

Full access to all the controls in FleetMEX allowing you to customise your FleetMEX settings and define your own custom rules.

FleetMEX Readings Icon

Equipment Readings

Readings are a collection of analytics taken from your equipment to allow for the better management of the performance of your assets.

FleetMEX Reports Icon


With over 200+ reports available. FleetMEX allows you to extract any piece of information from the FleetMEX database. You can also customize reports and add them to favourites.

FleetMEX Timesheets Icon


Make full use of FleetMEX's electronic timecard system that will provide you with an efficient means of logging employee work hours. Used in both MEX and FleetMEX.

FleetMEX Stores Icon


An additional module of FleetMEX, Stores allows you to keep track of all spare parts with a comprehensive catalogue including purchasing and requisitions.

MEX Inspections Icon


Gives you the flexibility to preform daily checks & tasks with ease. Use a hand-held device or a paper checklist or a combination of both.

MEX Prestarts Icon

Prestarts **NEW**

Protect Your Staff with Regular Prestart Inspections. With Prestarts you can enforce workplace safety and identify minor issues before they become major ones.

MEX Security Icon


Define a whole range of access levels for FleetMEX Users giving them only the functions they need to perform their job effectively. Now with Active Directory Integration.

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