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Aged Care Industry

Aged Care

Maintaining aged care facilities can be challenging, dealing with facility residences, budget & time restrictions. MEX CMMS gives you a simple easy to use system that allows you to monitor your expenditures, your assets, your contractors and your time.

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Agriculture Industry


The methods used to grow, farm, produce and distribute product and produce have evolved. Technology and equipment now form an integral part of operations. Use MEX Maintenance software to monitor and manage your equipment to avoid unwanted costly downtime.

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Aviation Industry


Maintenance Management in the aviation industry is becoming increasingly more complex. Poorly maintained equipment and facilities can have both costly and disastrous implications to your operation. Use MEX to manage and maintain your facilities and equipment.

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Breweries Industry


Successful brewing entails consistent quality control across every step of the process including: clean equipment, well maintained and calibrated equipment, tank temperatures and optimal spare parts available. MEX manages all elements of your processing line.

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Education Industry


The proper maintenance of educational facilities is paramount to the overall effectiveness of an organisations learning environment. Use MEX to help keep your organisation in the best possible shape. Manage asset maintenance and costs with MEX.

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Facilities Industry


Facility management can be a challenge with finite budgets, ever increasing compliance requirements and copious assets in need of maintenance and monitoring. MEX Maintenance software can take the stress away. Manage your assets, maintenance and costs with MEX.

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Fleet Industry


Managing a fleet of vehicles can be very time consuming and costly. Keeping your entire fleet running and operational on a day-to-day basis can become a challenge. Use FleetMEX to reduce breakdowns and manage your vehicle servicing schedule.

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Food Processing Industry

Food Processing

Store all your Assets and Work History with MEX. Attach Permits and run regular reporting to ensure you’re complying with industry enforced regulations. Reduce your risk of downtime with preventative maintenance policies and inventory management.

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Government Industry


Every government has millions of dollars’ worth of assets that are used to service and maintain the community. Without an effective system in place these assets undoubtedly will experience downtime, shortened asset life and ineffectual planning scheduling.

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Manufacturing Industry

Health Sector

Allow your maintenance team to focus their efforts on resolving the issues. Whether it is the functioning of elevators, HVAC systems regulations, disabled patients’ access or medical machines operation. An effective CMMS can allow them to do their jobs.

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Logistics Industry


Vital transfers of goods can continue and logistics firms and distribution centres can efficiency hold the world of trade and commerce together. By using MEX, maintenance teams will be empowered to track and analyse all your asset’s usage, inspections requirements and costs.

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Manufacturing Industry


Is equipment downtime derailing your operation? Do you feel like there’s money to be saved on maintenance but you’re not quite sure where? Use MEX to give you the answers, track and accumulate repair data to implement intelligent, predictive maintenance schedules.

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Mining Industry


Take control of your mining operations with MEX. Catalogue and categorise your assets in the MEX Asset Register, track all work, PMs and costs. Join the countless other Mining Operations Using MEX to simplify their day to day management and reduce costs.

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Ports & Marines Industry

Ports & Marines

Effective Maintenance Management is paramount to the successful operation of ports & marines. MEX gives you the ability to schedule routine maintenance and set preventative maintenance policies. Minimise the impact maintenance has on operations with MEX.

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Utilities Industry


Managing utilities assets is difficult due to the fact that most of the equipment used in this industry work around the clock. Any downtime would mean the untimely stoppage to your service providing efforts and result in unwanted expenses. Use MEX to heavily reduce these odds.

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Wineries Industry


Producing quality wine requires consistent, comprehensive equipment that functions to optimal standards. Use MEX to manage your equipment maintenance, your mission critical spare parts and your cleaning standards.

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