Preventative Maintenance In MEX

Reactive maintenance increases costs and puts your operation at risk of lost productivity. Manage all your repetitive and routine jobs with our comprehensive Preventive Maintenance solution. Create Work Orders for assets according to a defined schedule, ensuring that your critical equipment and facilities stay in good working condition.

Don't leave your operations to chance – with our solution, you can create preventive maintenance schedules based on time or your equipment’s usage. Choose foresight, choose efficiency, choose success with our Preventive Maintenance solution, MEX.

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Simplify Maintenance Planning with Easy-to-Use PM Creation

Get maintenance tasks done on time, every time with MEX Preventative Maintenance. Select assets or groups of assets, assign trades, parts, documents, and all necessary information seamlessly.

Set frequencies based on time or usage and establish hierarchical structures for efficient task organisation.

Say goodbye to missed deadlines and unexpected breakdowns as you confidently manage and prioritize your maintenance operations.

Streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and prolong asset lifespan with our powerful PM capabilities.

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Quick and Easy Inspections Anytime, Anywhere

Inspections are vital in any modern maintenance program. Our solution ensures easy execution, management, and reporting. Simply set up inspections and let the MEX PM Activator take care of the rest by creating and dispatching jobs to your users.

With our MEX App, you can conveniently carry out inspections using handheld devices, instantly sending the data back to the MEX Server. This seamless integration ensures that inspection results are promptly saved to your system, enabling efficient analysis and informed decision-making.

Simplify your inspection processes, enhance data management, and modernize reporting with our comprehensive preventive maintenance solution.

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Complete Coverage of Standard Jobs

Templates simplify maintenance tasks. In a hectic environment, MEX's solution offers standard jobs, perfect for repetitive but unpredictable work orders. With one click, create uniform and consistent work orders, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

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Efficient PM Scheduler

Effortlessly view and plan routine maintenance jobs with the MEX PM Scheduler. Utilize the calendar feature to stay organized, and easily generate lists of required parts and manpower for the defined time frame.

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See How Preventative Maintenance Works In MEX

Notable features of MEX:

  • Reduce setup time by creating PM schedules for groups of assets
  • Manage multiple pieces of equipment with Inspection PM Schedules
  • Allocate resources and parts efficiently
  • Enhance safety protocols with outlined notes and risks
  • Seamlessly integrate Electronic Forms and Permits
  • Stay organized with comprehensive task lists
  • Assign departments to PMs and create long-term schedule calendars

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