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Welcome to MEX

Australia's #1 CMMS

MEX stands as a premier provider of Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), driving innovation and efficiency in industries across the globe. With over 12,000 users hailing from diverse sectors—including mining, heavy and light manufacturing, food processing, hospitality, healthcare, and government—our reach is both extensive and inclusive.

For over three decades, MEX has been instrumental in delivering tangible results to asset-intensive businesses. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, continuously incorporating the latest tools, techniques, and ideas to maintain our position at the forefront of the maintenance industry.

Easy To Use - Low Cost

MEX Mission Statement

At MEX, we are dedicated to empowering maintenance industries by offering user-friendly, Windows-based management solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective. Our mission revolves around four fundamental pillars:


We design maintenance management software systems that are intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring even the most novice operators can navigate with ease.


We are committed to offering product solutions that are both cost-effective and accessible, specifically catering to the budget constraints of small and medium-sized maintenance operations.


Our dedication extends beyond product provision, as we support our customers through comprehensive training, consultation, and service to ensure optimal usage and implementation.


Our solutions are designed to accommodate necessary functionalities, driving efficient management and operational success in maintenance facilities.

At MEX, we make complex maintenance tasks simple, affordable, and efficient - enhancing the productivity of your operations and supporting your success.

The Team Behind MEX

Meet the MEX Team!

MEX Management Team

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Stephen Ninnes

General Manager

Introducing Steve, the visionary founder and father of MEX. With an unwavering belief in seizing opportunities, Steve established MEX 30 years ago, shaping it into a remarkable success story. His commonsense approach and infectious enthusiasm drive the MEX brand forward, revolutionizing maintenance management for companies across Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, and beyond. Steve's passion and leadership have made MEX synonymous with simplicity, empowering businesses worldwide to streamline their maintenance processes.

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Matt Ward

Chief Executive Officer

Meet Matt Ward, the charismatic CEO of MEX. With vast sales experience spanning TV, commercial, and software industries, Matt is a true virtuoso. Over 22 years, he's been instrumental in building and nurturing relationships with long-term customers. Matt's pivotal role in shaping MEX's stellar reputation is unmatched, and his dedication to forging new connections remains unwavering. With his passionate sales team, Matt propels MEX's resounding success, ensuring ongoing growth and prosperity.

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Kirsty Ashton

HR, Training and Office Manager

Enter Kirsty, the vibrant HR, Training, and Office Manager at MEX. With a remarkable 20-year tenure, Kirsty keeps the team cohesive and spirited. From lively end-of-month drinks to unforgettable celebrations, she ensures every employee feels valued and included. Kirsty leads the training charge, transitioning to online programs, empowering customers with essential skills. With her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering team support, Kirsty fosters a dynamic and knowledgeable workforce at MEX.

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Matt Callcutt

R&D Manager

Say Hello to Buzz! MEX's R&D and Hosting Manager. Celebrating 20 years at MEX this year, Buzz is the go-to senior programmer, adept at finding solutions. He leads the development team, ensuring seamless operation across platforms and thorough testing. Buzz is also spearheading the development of MEX's Version 16 and managing the hosting platform on Azure, keeping over 800 customers online with his team of cloud architects.

Blake Milton

Blake Milton

Products Manager

Introducing Blake Milton, our esteemed Products Manager at MEX. Blake serves as the driving force behind our product development initiatives, overseeing the key parts of the lifecycle from conception to delivery. His keen insights and strategic approach have propelled MEX's product portfolio to new heights, ensuring that our offerings align seamlessly with industry demands.

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Greg Rich

Lead Engineer

Greg, the seasoned leader of MEX's engineering team, brings vast experience in telecommunication, engineering, database, and software design. His expertise drives customizations, integrations, and new enhancements. With 20 years of tenure, Greg effortlessly manages sales meetings and engineering requirements, fostering seamless coordination. His invaluable SQL skills generate multiple solutions to challenges. Leading a talented team of programmers, analysts, and engineers, Greg's insightful leadership propels MEX's innovation and technical excellence.

Industries that Trust

Our Solution

Manufacturing Industry

Health Care

Allow your maintenance team to focus their efforts on resolving maintenance issues, whether they involve elevators, HVAC systems, disabled patients’ access or medical machines operation.

Fleet Industry

Fleet Management

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be costly and time consuming. Keeping your fleet running and operational on a day-to-day basis can become a challenge. Use FleetMEX to reduce breakdowns and manage your vehicle servicing schedule.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing CMMS

Is equipment downtime derailing your operation? Do you feel like there’s money to be saved on maintenance but you’re not quite sure where? Use MEX to track and accumulate repair data to implement intelligent, predictive maintenance schedules.

Food Processing Industry

Food Processing

Store all your Assets and Work History with MEX. Attach Permits and run regular reporting to ensure you’re complying with industry enforced regulations. Reduce your risk of downtime with preventative maintenance policies and inventory management.