Celebrating 30 Years

Stephen Ninnes established MEX in 1993, and this year marks the company's 30th anniversary in the Maintenance Management industry. Over the past three decades, MEX has become Australia's top Computerised Maintenance Management System and a leading provider of Maintenance Software.

With a team that has grown from 2 to 45 full-time staff, MEX has continually evolved its software from Magic to Microsoft Access, SQL and .Net, and now to an HTML 5 and JavaScript based system that is accessible on a wider range of devices than ever before.

Throughout the years, MEX has achieved many milestones and developed a powerful software package that has benefited countless customers. We have accomplished a lot during our first 30 years and have created a very powerful software package which has helped an immense number of customers over the years.

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The Evolution of MEX

Over three decades, MEX has undergone a remarkable transformation, becoming Australia's Premier CMMS through continuous innovation and excellence.

Discover How MEX Transformed Into Today's Leading Solution!

  • 1993

    In August of 1993, MEX was born as an Access-based product.

    With both the front-end and database running on Microsoft's Access platform. At the time, Microsoft Access was the go-to database program, thanks to its user-friendliness and versatility in organizing small data sets. As such, it was the ideal launching platform for MEX, and the subsequent versions that followed, as it evolved into a powerful CMMS solution.

  • 1998

    After some initial development, MEX officially released its first version, MEX V6, which laid the foundation for the subsequent Access-based versions that were rolled out over the next few years.

  • 2002

    MEX 11 marked the end of an era as it became the final Microsoft Access-based version. Over the next few years, MEX continued to roll out a few builds to bridge the transition to a new platform, paving the way for a more powerful and scalable CMMS solution.

  • 2008

    With the release of MEX Version 12, MEX showcased its migration to .Net and SQL, leveraging the robust capabilities of Microsoft SQL that had become a standard in the technology world. This upgrade allowed MEX to handle a larger set of features with ease.

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  • 2010

    MEX expanded its reach by releasing its IOS app, providing users access to MEX while on the move!

    MEX Products
  • 2016

    MEX Products

    With 12,000 users and 2,000 companies across various industries, MEX CMMS has become more versatile than ever before. Despite this growth, MEX remains committed to its core principles of simplicity and practicality.

    The release of MEX Version 15 reflects this dedication, as it is arguably the best version to date. As the maintenance industry continues to evolve, MEX CMMS is poised to grow and adapt, while staying true to its trusted brand.

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  • 2018


    MEX Celebrates 25 Years of growth in the maintenance management industry.

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    Directors Notes

  • 2018

    MEX Products

    With version 74 of MEX 15 we released a new administraion tool called Edit Mode, Edit mode allows you to manage security within the software and customise the whole system to suit your needs.

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    MEX Product News

  • 2020

    MEX Products

    In response to overwhelming demand for mobile access, MEX expanded its reach by releasing its app for Android and UWP, making it available on the Google Play and Microsoft Store for users to easily download and use on their mobile devices.

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  • 2021

    MEX recently released an updated version of its MEX Ops Requests system, featuring a redesigned and responsive interface.

    With this HTML 5 upgrade, users can easily request maintenance from anywhere, on any device, including browsers, mobile phones, and tablets.

    The new MEX Ops Requests switches seamlessly between desktop and mobile mode, depending on the user's device, making the process of adding a request smoother and more user-friendly than ever before.

    MEX Products
  • 2021

    2021 saw the release of the Prestarts module on the MEX app, which empowers maintenance teams to conduct prestart checks on machinery before operation. With this new feature, users can easily complete safety checks on their mobile devices, improving efficiency and safety in the workplace.

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  • NOW

    MEX v16 Development Underway

    We are absolutely thrilled to announce the commencement of an exciting new chapter in the MEX journey. The development of MEX 16, our newest software iteration, is in full swing.

    Preview of MEX 16 Light and Dark mode themes

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Meet the MEX Team!

MEX Management

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Stephen Ninnes

General Manager

Introducing Steve, the visionary founder and father of MEX. With an unwavering belief in seizing opportunities, Steve established MEX 30 years ago, shaping it into a remarkable success story. His commonsense approach and infectious enthusiasm drive the MEX brand forward, revolutionizing maintenance management for companies across Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, and beyond. Steve's passion and leadership have made MEX synonymous with simplicity, empowering businesses worldwide to streamline their maintenance processes.

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Matt Ward

Chief Executive Officer

Meet Matt Ward, the charismatic CEO of MEX. With vast sales experience spanning TV, commercial, and software industries, Matt is a true virtuoso. Over 22 years, he's been instrumental in building and nurturing relationships with long-term customers. Matt's pivotal role in shaping MEX's stellar reputation is unmatched, and his dedication to forging new connections remains unwavering. With his passionate sales team, Matt propels MEX's resounding success, ensuring ongoing growth and prosperity.

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Kirsty Ashton

HR, Training and Office Manager

Enter Kirsty, the vibrant HR, Training, and Office Manager at MEX. With a remarkable 20-year tenure, Kirsty keeps the team cohesive and spirited. From lively end-of-month drinks to unforgettable celebrations, she ensures every employee feels valued and included. Kirsty leads the training charge, transitioning to online programs, empowering customers with essential skills. With her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering team support, Kirsty fosters a dynamic and knowledgeable workforce at MEX.

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Matt Callcutt

R&D and Hosting Manager

Say Hello to Buzz! MEX's R&D and Hosting Manager. Celebrating 20 years at MEX this year, Buzz is the go-to senior programmer, adept at finding solutions. He leads the development team, ensuring seamless operation across platforms and thorough testing. Buzz is also spearheading the development of MEX's Version 16 and managing the hosting platform on Azure, keeping over 800 customers online with his team of cloud architects.

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Paul Faunt

Marketing, Support and IT Manager

Introducing Paul, aka Faunty, our talented Marketing, IT, and Support Manager here at MEX. With 14 years of dedicated service, Faunty excels as the driving force behind our marketing initiatives, ensuring MEX's online presence shines bright. His exceptional talent-spotting abilities have nurtured countless individuals to excel across departments and companies. With his team of IT experts, Faunty keeps MEX at the forefront of technology, ensuring seamless operations that empower our customers.

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Greg Rich

Engineering Manager

Greg, the seasoned leader of MEX's engineering team, brings vast experience in telecommunication, engineering, database, and software design. His expertise drives customizations, integrations, and new enhancements. With 20 years of tenure, Greg effortlessly manages sales meetings and engineering requirements, fostering seamless coordination. His invaluable SQL skills generate multiple solutions to challenges. Leading a talented team of programmers, analysts, and engineers, Greg's insightful leadership propels MEX's innovation and technical excellence.

MEX CMMS is truely versatile Asset Management System that has proven itself over the last 30 years. Read the MEX Company Profile Today.