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Manage Your Inventory With The Integrated Stores Module

MEX Stores provides you with comprehensive control over your inventory. Seamlessly integrated with all MEX maintenance functionality, Stores allows you to streamline your operations and optimize your inventory management process.

Efficiently restock your inventory, purchase items on an ad-hoc basis, receipt purchased items, and process supplier invoices, all in one centralized location.

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Catalogue Control: Simplify, Streamline, Succeed!

Manage your parts in one central location within the Catalogue listing. Instantly gain a comprehensive overview of your available items, enabling easy search, categorization, and efficient tracking of your inventory.

By utilizing the complete electronic Approvals system, you can establish a standardized approval process for all purchases and inventory adjustments. Enhancing accountability and significantly reduces errors, ensuring a streamlined and error-free inventory management experience.

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Unlock Powerful Insights With Reporting

Unlock valuable insights with robust reporting in MEX Stores. Gain visibility into spares usage, supplier lead times, transactions by account codes, total spend, and more. Make data-driven decisions and optimize your inventory management strategy with comprehensive reporting capabilities.

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Take Control of Your Inventory with the MEX Stores Mobile App

Manage your inventory effortlessly with the MEX App. Access essential functions like Catalogue, Purchasing, Issues and Goods Receipt, Stores transfers, Stocktake, and Reporting from anywhere. Enjoy the convenience of syncing data and working offline, ensuring seamless inventory management on the go.

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Functions Available in MEX Stores

Driven by the comprehensive Stores Catalogue, simple Purchasing System and suite of Store Specific Reports. You can track parts, optimize inventory levels and manage inventory seamlessly with MEX Stores.

Here are some of the strengths of the MEX Inventory Management system


A comprehensive list of inventory items with information on their location, quantity on hand, required stock levels, and possible suppliers.

Purchase Orders

Create orders for materials and services from suppliers. The purchasing system seamlessly integrates with the Stores Catalogue and Work Orders.


Manage information and relationships with companies and individuals from whom you purchase goods and services.


Simplify inventory checks by ensuring accurate physical stock counts and reconciling any discrepancies.


Reserve stock in the Catalogue Listing to prevent it from being issued to another job or purpose.


Formally request materials through the Work Orders Spares tab or the Requisition Listing.

Goods Receivable

Receive purchased items into the store from suppliers and process supplier invoices. Allows for receiving items outside the standard purchasing process.

Replenishment Of Stock

Streamline the reordering process when items in the Stores Catalogue fall below their minimum stock levels.


Maintain a complete history of all store activities, providing a detailed record of all inventory-related actions.

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Stores is an optional module of MEX. If you are interested in implementing this powerful inventory management solution, please contact our sales team for pricing details and further information.

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MEX delivers you simplicity and functionality for the management of all your maintenance and inventory needs.

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