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Dedicated Vs Shared


Dedicated servers and shared servers differ in terms of resource allocation and user exclusivity. Dedicated servers offer exclusive access to all server resources, providing high performance, customization options, and enhanced security. They are commonly used by businesses or individuals with high traffic websites, resource-intensive applications, or specific security requirements.

On the other hand, shared servers accommodate multiple users who share the same server resources. Shared hosting is often chosen by individuals, small businesses, or startups with lower resource demands and budget constraints. While shared servers offer cost-effectiveness, they may have more limited customization options and can be prone to performance fluctuations depending on other users' activities. Ultimately, the choice between dedicated and shared servers depends on the specific needs, technical requirements, and budget of the user or organization.

Moving to the MEX Cloud

No time is wasted getting you live on the MEX Data Hosting platform.

We make sure you are up and running in four quick steps:

Shared or Dedicated

Make the choice of either hosting your MEX system on a Shared Server with 40 other customers or commision your own Dedicated Server.

Stress Free Transition

Transferring your MEX data into the cloud is a simple and stress-free process. Our dedicated cloud administration team take care of everything for you making your setup as seamless as possible.

Quick Set Up

Hosting your data in the cloud might sound like a technical lengthy process but we promise you it won’t be, majority of customers are up and running in less than 24 hours.

Instant Access

Once set up is complete and the wheels are in motion we simply send you a link. Something like and away you go.

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