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Take Control of Maintenance Requests

Any employee within your company can easily request maintenance work through any available device that has the ability to connect and use MEX Ops.

Built around a solid communication model, maintenance staff can easily talk back and forwards to the end user to ensure the right result is achieved.

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Working With Maintenance Requests

Some organisations can underestimate the volume of Maintenance Job Requests submitted on a daily basis by their Users.

Ask yourself, what's the job of the maintenance person when the job comes through and how are we going to process such requests?

MEX Ops gives you the tools to effectively capture all Maintenance Requests and categorically sort them according to your preferred structure. Weeding out the low priority ones and acting on the high priority requests.

To assist with evaluating a request, a picture showing the problem or documents relating to the issue can be added to a Request. These documents will be carried over to the Work Order should the Request be approved.

These requests can then be assigned to the appropriate personnel to carry out the task.

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Introducing the MEX Ops iOS app

MEX Ops is a proven solution when used in conjunction with the MEX Maintenance Software and to compliment this, we are proud to introduce the MEX Ops iOS app.

Enter Requests Anywhere, Anytime!

With the MEX Ops iOS app, any person within your company can easily request maintenance work through their iOS device. These requests are then passed straight onto your MEX or FleetMEX System with the following details:

  • A full description of the job required
  • A photograph of the issue
  • All contact details of that user
  • The Asset that the work needs to be performed on
  • The priority of the request

For users, notifications keep them in the loop through the whole request process. With the added functionality of a communication chat space, allowing for as much information as possible to be attached to the requests.

Administrators in MEX can then monitor, communicate with the requestor and administer all your requests with ease.

MEX Ops iOS app

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