MEX Maintenance Software

Maintenance Management Made Easy

MEX Maintenance Software is designed specifically to manage all your critical assets. By utilising simple but efficient maintenance modules, MEX can Capture comprehensive asset information, manage day to day maintenance tasks, schedule preventative maintenance and inspections, handle automatic stores ordering and produce detailed statutory reports.

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Access our free on-line 30 day trial and see MEX for yourself. With no limitations, our trial gives you an in-depth look at the system.

How Can MEX Help You?

MEX can help you by taking the stress out of maintenance management.

The all in one digital platform gives you a simple and effective tool to monitor anything and everything that’s maintenance related.

Increase the accuracy, efficiency and speed of on the go maintenance with almost all the functionality of MEX available in the palm of your hand with MEX Mobile. Now available on Android, Windows and iOS.

MEX Mobile Info
Well-maintained equipment equates to fewer breakdowns and also lower repair and replacement costs – A direct and measurable saving.
From current jobs, to requests, to historical data: Record all work carried out on equipment and in every detail.
Comprehensive inventory management allows for stock levels to be monitored and replaced on time, eliminating wait times on critical spares.
With the vast amount of equipment information stored against each asset, reports for auditing and analytic purposes are readily available.
With scheduled maintenance and inspections, equipment works more efficiently with reduced breakdowns.
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MEX Maintenance Software Features

There are a number of key modules that make up the backbone of the MEX CMMS. Here is a brief explanation of each of these core modules:

MEX Asset Register Icon

Asset Register

The focal point of MEX. The Asset Register allows its users to setup a clear concise and descriptive structure that provides an overview of assets and locations.

MEX Preventative Maintenance Icon

Preventative Maintenance

Manage all your repetitive jobs for your assets. Generate periodic work orders to either time based or usage based frequencies schedules.

MEX Work Order Icon

Work Orders

Create a job for an asset, get something fixed or simply set a reminder you can add, edit, print, complete and sign off work orders.

MEX History Icon


A complete record of all the work you have done throughout the system. Information can be recalled at any point for analysis and reporting.

MEX Control Files Icon

Control Files

Full access to all the controls in MEX allowing you to customise your MEX settings and define your own custom rules.

MEX Reading Icon

Equipment Readings

Readings are a collection of analytics taken from your equipment to allow for the better management of the performance of your assets.

MEX Reports Icon


With over 200+ reports available, MEX allows you to extract any piece of information from the MEX database. You can also customize reports and add them to favourites

MEX TimeSheets Icon


Make full use of MEX's electronic timecard system that will provide you with an efficient means of logging employee work hours. Used in both MEX and FleetMEX.

MEX Stores Icon


An additional module of MEX, Stores allows you to keep track of all spare parts with a comprehensive catalogue including purchasing and requisitions.

MEX Inspections Icon


Gives you the flexibility to preform daily checks & tasks with ease. Use a hand-held device or a paper checklist or a combination of both.

MEX Prestarts Icon

MEX Prestarts **NEW**

Protect Your Staff with Regular Prestart Inspections. With Prestarts you can enforce workplace safety and identify minor issues before they become major ones.

MEX Security Icon


Define a whole range of access levels for MEX Users giving them only the functions they need to perform their job effectively. Now with Active Directory Integration.

What sets MEX apart from other CMMS Systems?

MEX is versatile enough to be used in the most basic form and implementation can be as rudimental or complex as the user intends it to be.

It’s really down to how you choose to apply the system.

User Friendly CMMS

Versatile CMMS System

Implementation can be as basic or complex as the user intends it to be. For this reason MEX is used in a wide range of industries and countries all over the world.

MEX is Easy To Implement

Easy To Implement

The MEX CMMS is an easy to install maintenance system that is up and running in minimal time and once set up, MEX requires minimal administration.

User Friendly CMMS

Built In Prestarts Module

MEX is one of the only CMMS providers that has an integrated Prestarts inspections module. Capable of capturing your safety checks onsite, anywhere and at any time.

MEX is Easy To Implement

Quality Product Support

Customer service, support and training is part of our culture at MEX. Working hand in hand with our customers to ensure that they get the most out of their CMMS system.

MEX Integration

Class Leading CMMS App

Monitor the state of your operations at all times, increase organisational visibility and seamlessly maintain a paperless maintenance environment with the MEX Mobile app.

MEX Integration

Integration Made Easy

Whether you have an accounting package or want to run readings straight into MEX. MEX can be easily programmed to integrate with other systems that you use.