MEX Prestarts

Introducing MEX Prestarts

Help ensure that your vehicles and equipment are safe to use with MEX Prestarts.

Your operators can now run through a series of checks that Reinforces Safe Operation but also Identifies Any Faults to be Corrected then and there. 

Creating Maintenance Requests or Work Orders can then be created in MEX to capture and allow the maintenance team to rectify any issues.

Improve Safety

Improve Safety

Elevate your safety levels and ensure that equipment is only ever operated if it has passed a series of checks.

Go Digital

Go Digital

Use Prestarts on any device and make sure that everything is recorded and nothing is lost. Go paperless with MEX Prestarts.

Capture Images

Capture Images

Paper based prestarts could never allow you to capture the images you need to make a case. Point and shoot and attach to your prestart with ease.

Request Maintenance

Request Maintenance

If you pick up a defect as you work through your checks, request maintenance there and then by either creating a MEX Request or a Work Order.

Capture All Your Prestarts

In Real Time


MEX Prestarts captures and stores Asset specific usage information and ensures that all equipment is safe to operate.

Prestarts digital form is so simple to use, resulting in fast completion and accurate issue identification.

Scan Prestart

Scan Code

Simply scan the QR Code and confirm the Asset's details.

Start Prestart

Perform Prestart

Carry out the Prestart, running through all the checks.

Save Prestart in MEX

Capture in MEX

All Information, Images and Readings are saved directly in MEX.

MEX Prestart in Progress