Improve Safety

Elevate your safety levels and ensure that equipment is only ever operated if it has passed a series of checks.

Go Digital

Use Prestarts on any device and make sure that everything is recorded and nothing is lost. Go paperless with MEX Prestarts.

MEX App Home Screen

Capture Images

Paper based prestarts could never allow you to capture the images you need to make a case. Point, shoot and attach to your prestart with ease.


If you pick up a defect as you work through your checks, request maintenance there and then by either creating a MEX Request or a Work Order.

With enhanced features and a user-friendly interface, the Prestart app is set to become your go-to tool for ensuring your assets longevity.

Prestarts Quick Start Guide
18 built-in prestart checklists, thoughtfully designed and included by default. These checklists serve as a fantastic starting point, showcasing best practices for setting up your personalised checklists. The beauty lies in their complete customisability, allowing users to tailor the prestart process to their specific needs. Whether you're dealing with trucks, light vehicles, forklifts, telehandlers or more, our diverse range of default checklists offers insights into the industry's best practices.

With our user-friendly feature that allows MEX admins to generate access codes for users. This approach ensures secure and efficient entry, granting users personalised access via email or SMS. The process is designed for simplicity, allowing MEX admins to effortlessly provide access codes, making user onboarding a breeze.

Efficiency meets innovation with our QR Code scanning feature, easliy scan your assets QR Code either inside or outside of the app to launch the app and start your prestart straight away. This streamlined process ensures a swift and convenient start to prestart inspections.

MEX pushes for creativity as users can effortlessly create an unlimited number of prestart checklists tailored to their specific needs. This functionality allows users to employ any number of checklists for a diverse range of assets, providing a customisable approach to prestart inspections. Whether you have a fleet of trucks, a range of light vehicles or various other assets, our platform adapts to your requirements.
Secure the security of your MEX experience with the integration of our Biometrics feature, introducing the convenience of Face ID and fingerprint scanning. Seamlessly authenticate your identity using biometric technology, providing a secure and efficient method for user verification.

Maximise the efficiency of your maintenance processes by the automatic generation of work orders and requests based on specific responses in the prestart checklist. This dynamic functionality transforms routine inspections into actionable steps, ensuring that identified issues are swiftly addressed.