MEX Multi Site Management

Introducing MEX Regions

Our Inbuilt multisite management tool.

Navigating multi-site maintenance operations is a breeze with MEX Regions. No need for multiple installations, various databases, or different servers - MEX Regions simplifies the process.

Regions lets you run autonomous operations across multiple sites while streamlining data management from a single database. Manage and generate reports centrally, assign user access per region, and boost data visibility.

Embrace efficient collaboration, reduce infrastructure costs, and optimize your maintenance management effortlessly with MEX Regions.

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Discover the Power of MEX Regions

Benefits of Regions

MEX Regions transforms the way you manage multiple sites. Say goodbye to complex setups and welcome effortless site management with these four advantages:

Accurate Regional Reporting

Put an end to guesswork and inconsistent reporting with MEX Regions' regionalized reports and Dashboard KPIs. Generate insightful reports tailored to each specific region effortlessly.

Smart Collaboration

Eliminate the risk of saving information in the wrong place or duplicating efforts. Each site can confidently work on data while maintaining seamless synchronization with the central database.

Streamlined Data Visibility

With MEX Regions, overseeing assets, work orders, and critical data across different sites becomes a breeze. No more juggling multiple databases or worrying about data discrepancies.

Cost Savings and Simplicity

Embrace cost efficiency with MEX Regions' centralized database approach. Gone are the days of complicated setups at every site, saving you valuable time, resources, and expenses.

Get Up and Running in No Time

Smart Regions Setup

Experience the simplicity of setting up MEX Regions in just four effortless steps:

Asset Structuring

Begin by configuring your asset structure to facilitate regional setups. Usually, this is geographically based and plays a pivotal role in subsequent setup stages.

Region Creation

Setting up MEX Regions is a breeze thanks to the inbuilt setup tool. You'll have your regions ready to roll in no time.

Data Assignment

Populate your regions with the data you need, from assets and departments to purchase orders, company details, and more.

User Designation

Lastly, choose your users and assign them to their respective regions. Keep in mind that each user can belong to only one region.

How Can MEX Regions Help You?

MEX Regions FAQ

The Regions module is designed to separate data down to a site level.

Making it a fleet management system robust enough to regulate all elements of your maintenance operation or simple enough to be implemented in a day to day basic fleet management situation.

Regions mapping in the browser
Yes, User accounts can be setup to manage muliple regions across your MEX site.
There are meny different area's of mex that can be regonalised, here are the Main modules!
  • Asset Register
  • Purchase Orders
  • Inspections & Preventative Maintenance
  • Suppliers & Stores
  • Users & Trades

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Administrative users will be able to see and interact with the entire database allowing for an easy overview of the whole operation.
Setting up a new site is extremely easy with MEX regions, existing Preventative Maintenance setups can easily be copied over to the new site and start being utilised straight away.

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Yes, MEX Regions allows you to map the regions into a hierarchy.

For example: A user in the Queensland region would be able to see the Brisbane & Mackay region, but a user in the Brisbane region would only see what’s in the Brisbane region.

Region Mapping

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