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Introducing the All New MEX Ops Requests

Introducing the All New MEX Ops Requests


Request maintenance anywhere and on any device with the redesigned and responsive MEX Ops Requests.

Easily Capture all Maintenance Requests from all your employees. Allowing you to categorically sort requests according to your preferred structure. In the process, weeding out any low priority issues and turning high priority requests into actionable Work Orders.

Open up MEX Ops on a browser, mobile phone or tablet. Depending on your device, the brand-new MEX Ops switches between desktop and mobile mode, making the process of adding a request easier than ever!

On the browser-based version you are met with a menu to either create a new request or view the listing. On a phone the listing is served up with a clear add button to create a new request.

Switching between the two is easy, just click the Desktop mode switch found at to the bottom right-hand side of the window.

The process of adding a request is simple:

  • Tap the red add button to add in a new request.
  • Enter a Description
  • Now you can either attach a document, take a photo, shoot a video or fill out a predefined MEX Form
  • Assign an Asset
  • Set a Priority either by working through the priority matrix or selecting from a list
  • Lastly, define what Department you think this request falls under

Once you have added in all your information, save the request and it is now in the queue!

At any point you can jump back to MEX Ops listing and see the status of your request. Whether it’s been approved, it’s priority, and if it has been entered as a work order or cancelled.

Filtering the listing in mobile mode is easy. Use the simple listing filter and can set the listing to show either Open, All, Completed and Declined/Cancelled requests. In Desktop mode use the MEX Ranges option.

All admin responses flow right across to the app, to view a requests corresponding response open up the requests details and view it under the Response header.

Jump in today and see how MEX Ops can take the burden out of managing Maintenance Requests.

Sold in a bundle of 20 concurrent users, MEX Ops Requests is a cost-effective tool that anyone can use.

For more information, contact the MEX Sales team today at