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MEX November Enews 2017

MEX November Enews 2017

Here are the articles sent out in the MEX November Enews for 2017.

MEX 2018 Training Schedule

The MEX 2018 training schedule has now been released and comes with two additional public training cities including Hobart and Darwin. Bookings are now open.

New Customers

We would like to welcome some of our newest customers who have purchased the software in October 2017. These customers are now an integral part of the MEX community.

Workplace Health and Safety and MEX

MEX is proud to have joined Safe Work Australia on their October National Safe Work Month. The theme was sharing information. MEX jumped on board and shared tech tips and whitepapers on how you can use MEX to make your workplace safer.

Maitland Explains - Health & Safety and the MEX CMMS

In this episode of Maitland Explains we take a look at Workplace Health & Safety and how MEX can be used to make your workplace safer.

Are You Prepared for A Major Disaster?

It’s important to prepare your organisation for a disaster and put in place steps that will keep your data and operation secure. This article explores the new and improved disaster recovery solution that has been implemented by MEX for Hosted Customers.

MEX Rated in Top 25 Facility Maintenance Apps Worldwide

MEX has ranked in the top 25 Facility Maintenance Apps, an independent rating provided by Get App based out of Barcelona in Spain

Tech Tip - Search MEX Listings Range vs Filter

In this Tech Tip, we will explain the difference between the Range and Filter functions. Both of which can be found on almost any listing in MEX.

Tech Tip - Creating Electronic Permits

Permits are a great way to maximise safety in the workplace. Read this handy Tech tip to learn how to create and use a MEX Permit.

Have you Considered Hosting MEX in the Cloud?

A stress-free transition, a quick set up with secure data and access anywhere anytime! What are you waiting for trial MEX hosting and ask for a quote today.

Private Training

Training is the best way to make sure your MEX skills are up to date and your utilising MEX to its full capacity. Our trainers/ consultants are available for private training if you think your system needs some extra attention or your staff need more training.

Review MEX

We love to hear what our customers think about us, you can review MEX and help other companies learn about your experiences with MEX as a software and MEX as a company.