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MEX takes on the Big Kart Track

MEX takes on the Big Kart Track

Here at MEX, team building is an important factor to ensure a positive environment to translate this energy across when communicating with our customers.

On Tuesday 3rd November, the MEX Team celebrated the famous Melbourne Cup Race of 2020 with a race of their own, the MEX Cup! The day started with a road trip north to the Big Kart Track in Landsborough, and the race was underway.

The weather was perfect where our staff zipped across the track and pit their wits against sweeping bends and supercharged straights. Despite a number of staff claiming to have ‘dud’ karts, our CEO Matt took out the win of the day, with a second place awarded to Eejay in Support and third to Ryan in R&D.

All around, it was a great day to get out of the office and blow off some steam to boost the office morale and settle the friendly banter.

Here are some pictures from the day: