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MEX Training Now in Version 15

MEX Training Now in Version 15

All MEX training courses are run on our latest version of the software, MEX V15. This includes the

The most recent version of our software is the most popular with greater functionality making it the ideal version to train customers on.

Our Advanced training course has recently been through a review and content update to ensure all materials and learning continue to be of the advanced calibre. The Advanced course also features the latest import and export module only available in version 15.

Additionally, the Report Writing course features the new report writer in Version 15 that simplifies writing and modifying reports. Any customers who wish to attend this course that is publicly run need to be utilizing version 15 of the software to ensure the course is a worthwhile experience.

If you require training to be carried out in an older version of MEX or have any questions about MEX Training in general, please contact and for support and questions on the new version please contact our support team at

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