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New MEX Version 15 Released February 2024

New MEX Version 15 Released February 2024

We're excited to introduce MEX Version 88.0 for MEX 15. This latest update, much like its predecessor, brings a host of enhancements, with a special focus on revolutionizing your experience with the Prestarts Module!

A New Look for Prestarts

The Prestarts section of the MEX Desktop Client now has a new look and new functionality.

When you click into the Prestart module, you now have the following view:

Prestart Menu


  • Assets: Takes you to the asset register.
  • Checklists: Allows you to edit and create checklists to apply to your assets
  • Records Listing: This is the old Prestarts module, it shows you the Prestarts that have been completed for assets and allows you to verify and create new ones.
  • Reports: You can now report on your Prestarts easily and efficiently. The Prestart reports listing lists all the reports for Prestarts all in one place.
  • Users: This new listing allows you to create, manage and remove your prestart users in a new listing.

Scheduled Tasks

You can now export to different file types with scheduled task reports.

Server Update for Prestart App Integration

MEX Version 88.0 is a prerequisite to function with the new Prestarts app. If you have automatic updates active, you system will update once it is released.

The MEX Prestarts App

The long-awaited MEX Prestarts App is around the corner. This new online-only app allows you to complete Prestarts effectively and easily in the field. Once completed, and with an internet connection, the data is uploaded to MEX for immediate verification.