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The Smarter MEX App for Users on the Go

The Smarter MEX App for Users on the Go


MEX is thrilled to announce that a revamped MEX app has been released, with a new user-friendly interface, smarter login features and improved sorting.

Add on the new enhanced user management features and an always connected approach, tradespeople and storeman can easily manage Work Orders, Inspections, Job Requests, Stocktakes, and Readings on the go.

We have also incorporated the powerful Edit mode to help you tailor the app to your requirements.

Let’s take a quick look at all the key features of the new app.

New Look

With a new interface, we have streamlined the app making navigating more intuitive than ever, allowing you to focus on what matters most – getting the job done efficiently.

We’ve redefined the way you interact with the MEX app by simplifying and targeting sorting to match the jobs that concern you.

Work Orders, Requests and a new menu bar help you access the information you need, when you need it

Smarter Login

The latest MEX app brings innovative features to the table:

  • New User Management Tools – All app users are managed through upgraded features inside MEX that ensure easier access.
  • Smarter User Setup - It’s as simple as sending an email or SMS which will allow them to download the app and connect in one go.
  • Code Access - For added security, you can now use code access to protect sensitive information within the app.
  • FaceID Login - Enjoy added security and convenience with FaceID login, simplifying access to the app while maintaining industry standard data protection.

Always Connected

Please note that the MEX app requires an active internet connection to function optimally. Being always online ensures that you have access to the latest data and can collaborate seamlessly with your team.

Available on iOS and Android

The new MEX app is available on both Apple and Android platforms, catering to a wide range of users and devices.

Get Ready for Prestarts!

For our dedicated Prestart users, we’re excited to share that a brand-new Prestarts app is currently in production. Boasting the same reliable features, this app is designed to make it quick and easy for these users to complete their checks effortlessly.

Preview of The New Prestarts App

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