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Training Wrap for 2023

Training Wrap for 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, we reflect on a successful year of training. Our dedicated team – Kirsty, Lindsay, Darren, Julia, Rob, and Lisa – extends heartfelt thanks to each participant for their cooperation, patience, and time.

With the rise of online training, our team's expertise has grown, allowing us to expand the Introduction to MEX Training Course from 5 to 7 participants in 2024.

We hold our users and their feedback in high regard, and as a testament to that commitment, we've upgraded the training portal for smoother access to links, manuals, and course-related documents. With its fresh new appearance, it's now live and prepared to support another year of collaborative learning in 2024!

New Portal look for MEX Training

New Training Course page in the Training Portal.

Here's the feedback we gathered about our trainers this year:

“I wanted to express my appreciation for Lindsay's training and wealth of knowledge today. He did an outstanding job, and I am grateful for the excellent training experience provided.”
“I want to commend Darren for two highly informative days. The class was expertly presented and thoughtfully interactive, enhancing the overall learning experience.”
“Julia showed great interest and understanding of our business and didn’t hesitate to walk the extra mile to ensure MEX would fulfil our demands. These qualities associated with good communication sparkled with a large smile made the task even easier.”
“Rob made using MEX incredibly easy. It was a delight working with him as he guided me through the course, ensuring a pleasant and enriching experience.”
“The team onsite have found the training thus far extremely valuable, and I’ve had nothing but praise of Lisa’s teaching style, knowledge, and patience!”

Training Dates have already been released for 2024 so if you are interested, please jump online today, and book your spot:


Private training sessions for the first quarter of 2024, starting from the 9th of January are now open for registration. If you are after a more tailored experience, book your private training online or contact our training team at or call + 61 7 3392 4777.

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