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Introducing the MEX Ops iOS app

Introducing the MEX Ops iOS app

We are proud to introduce the MEX Ops iOS app for maintenance requests.

Built off the back of the proven MEX Ops Request and Purchase Requisition application, the MEX Ops iOS application is used in conjunction with the MEX Maintenance Software. With an easy to use interface, entering requests for maintenance is a breeze, with all submitted requests instantly added to MEX for approval and conversion into a Work Order.

The introduction of the MEX Ops app for iOS devices allows users to submit maintenance requests anywhere, anytime. Best of all, users have the added benefit of being able to attach a picture of the issue along with the request. All the descriptions in the world don’t come close to the effectiveness of having a picture tell the story, for maintenance teams, this can save a whole lot of time.

How does it work? Well, using the MEX Ops iOS app users simply enter new Requests complete with a description of the job, take a photo and attach it to the request and add contact details. It’s that simple?

Throughout the whole Request review stage, users can easily review the progress of their Requests that have been entered and communicate directly with MEX administrators through the chat function available on the app.

The MEX Ops iOS app is now live on the iTunes store, so feel free to download and give it a go.

For more information on the MEX Ops iOS app please contact the MEX sales team at or call +61 7 3392 4777.

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Paul Faunt
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