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Japanese Version of MEX Maintenance Software Released

Japanese Version of MEX Maintenance Software Released



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Japanese Version of MEX - Maintenance Software Released

As of November 2009, MEX, Australias No 1 Computerised Maintenance Management Software, is now supported in Japanese.

MEX has had a presence in overseas countries since the mid 90s and over the last 3 years has successfully forged ahead in many of the overseas markets including; Greece, China, U.S.A, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Egypt, Denmark, Turkey and many more.

In October alone 24 new companies outside Australia have taken on MEX, making it one of the fastest growing CMMS programs in the Australia.
The Japanese version of MEX has been bought about by a growing demand and user base in Japan. Even within the shadow of the Global Financial crisis, sales of all the MEX products have increased, in
particular international sales.

MEX is now available in Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Bahasa Indonesian.

To contact MEX about the Service Management System or to enquire about any of the MEX products, contact alternatively call +61 7 3392 4777.


Corporate Summary:

MEX is the leading provider of Computerised Maintenance Management Software in Australia, providing solutions to a large group of industry sectors including manufacturing plants, building facilities, local governments, fleet managers and maintenance contractors. MEX was established in Brisbane by Stephen Ninnes in 1993; MEX now has agents in Malaysia, China and Indonesia and a head office in Brisbane.

Contact Details:

Jessica Mincher
Senior Marketing Coordinator MEX - Maintenance Software Phone: (07) 3392 4777