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MEX 12_4_1_0 and FleetMEX 5_1_1_0 Released

MEX 12_4_1_0 and FleetMEX 5_1_1_0 Released



MEX & FleetMEX Released

MEX have released updates to their Maintenance Software Suites, releasing version of MEX and version of FleetMEX. 

These releases include bug fixes, as well as new features which have been suggested by our customers.

Development Manager Laura Seviour states “The March release was aimed at streamlining the product after the last major release. I am pleased to say that we have achieved this and even added some extra functionality for companies who might be interested in managing their purchasing and related costs over different sites.”


Some new features included in MEX and FleetMEX include:

    • Purchase Order Line Quantity can now be apportioned amongst many regions

    • Moving an Asset will cause it to inherit the regions of its direct parent in the tree

    • Inspection Asset Using Tab no has Add Listing Columns Functionality added

    • Performance on opening Work Order Details and Purchase Order Details has been improved


These updates will add a greater user experience to the MEX software, which already prides itself on its ease of use and reliability. 


To enquire about MEX call Sales on +61 7 3392 4777 or visit our website at 


Corporate Summary:

MEX is the leading provider of Computerised Maintenance Management Software in Australia, providing solutions to a large group of industry sectors including manufacturing plants, building facilities, local governments, fleet managers and maintenance contractors. MEX was established in Brisbane by Stephen Ninnes in 1993 and was primarily involved in maintenance management training.

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