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MEX Extends Sponsorship of Erebus Motorsport

MEX Extends Sponsorship of Erebus Motorsport



MEX Extends Sponsorship of Erebus Motorsport

After an exciting weekend of racing in Ipswich that saw the MEX logo get some great exposure earlier this month, MEX has decided to extend it’s sponsorship of the Erebus Motorsport V8 team for the remainder of the season.

This will see the MEX logo remain on the bonnet of the #9 Mercedes-Benz E-63 driven by Will Davison, starting with the Sydney Motorsport Park 400 this weekend

These are exciting times going into the V8 Enduros in Melbourne’s Sandown track, Gold Coast’s street circuit and the hallowed track of Australian Racing, Bathurst.

MEX General Manager and Founder Steve Ninnes had the following remarks about the extended Sponsorship

“Within our first month with Erebus, we have already had great exposure. Not only do we love being involved, MEX can relate to the challenges of the Erebus Team.”

“To me Erebus Motorsport has built a unique brand that can go toe to toe with some major players in the V8 racing world. For MEX, we provide a world class maintenance solution that can hold its own against our competitors in Australia and around the world.”

“We are more than happy to build on that partnership and extend our sponsorship.”

Not only has the exposure been great, the manner in which Erebus have welcomed us into their community has gone a long way in helping us make the decision.

Erebus Motorsport General Manager Commercial Jeff Reibel also shared the same sentiments in saying

“It’s great that MEX has recognised and experienced first-hand the power of the association with Erebus Motorsport. It’s testimony to the team and the category that a new partner in this space has been so impressed that they have chosen to expand their partnership.” said Reibel.

With 6 events to go in the V8 Supercars calendar, these are exciting times for both MEX and Erebus.


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