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MEX has helped a facility management company to stay on top of its regular maintenance activities. With 3 different sites, the MEX hosted solution allowed them to access the system from multiple locations.

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For more than 50 years, The Astoria Group has been successfully leading the way in Property Development. Owned by the Shanahan family, Astoria Group has a number of entities under its umbrella, ranging from Project Development and Management to Construction and Operations, all the way to Age Care and Retirement Village management.

Using expertise built up from a rich history in the building industry, The Astoria Group is involved in all aspects of the development process from master planning and design, through to construction, sales, property maintenance and management.

How is the MEX maintenance software used?

MEX helps us stay on top of all our regular maintenance activities by allowing us to schedule work through Preventative Maintenance and also effectively capture work that has been completed. Maintenance requests brought up by our tenants can be easily and quickly filtered according to the severity of the issue, then assigned to and carried out by our technicians on the job before the issue gets worse.

Our Asset Register is structured in a way that allows our technicians to easily identify and locate the assets that they have been asked to work on.

Within this structure, MEX holds the maintenance history of all work completed on all the facilities we manage. From a whole building down to individual rooms, the items in the rooms, fire extinguishers, alarm systems and to the vehicles stationed at each site. MEX also gives us the ability to track our assets as they are moved from site to site.

As we employ a number of contractors to carry out maintenance tasks on site, we rely on the Contractor portal in MEX to allow individual contractors to access the information of the task they are carrying out.

Why did you decide to host your data with MEX?

We operate out of three different sites, one in Sydney and two in Lisarow (Central Coast) in New South Wales, and therefore needed a way to access our MEX system from multiple locations.

Instead of taking this task on, setting up and paying for the IT infrastructure across these three sites, we turned to the MEX Data Hosting service to give our users the ability to access to our MEX database when they need to.

How long have you been hosting your data with MEX?

We have been using the MEX Data Hosting service for over six years now. In that time, the MEX Support team has been a pleasure to work with. Whenever we have had an issue, we are given prompt answers and advise from the team. Any maintenance carried out on the MEX Data Hosting service is advised of well in advance. We are very happy with the service as everything is working well and to our satisfaction.

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