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Benefits of using the MEX CMMS

  • Access Anywhere Any Time: We offer a full hosted service that boasts uptime in excess of 99% - find out more
  • Reduced Costs: Well-maintained equipment equates to fewer breakdowns and also lower repair and replacement costs – A direct and measurable saving.
  • Increased Equipment Availability: With scheduled maintenance and inspections, equipment work more efficiently with reduced breakdowns.
  • Reliable Job Tracking: From current jobs, to requests, to historical data: Record all work carried out on equipment and in every detail.
  • Save Costs on Purchasing: Comprehensive inventory management, allows for stock levels to be monitored and replaced on time, eliminating wait times on critical spares.
  • Accurate Performance Measurement: With the vast amount of equipment information stored against equipment, reports for auditing and analytic purposes are readily available.

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