Bhagwan Marine Case Study

MEX has helped a leading marine services provider to save money and time on its maintenance tasks, through the versatile and powerful features of the system.

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Bhagwan Marine supply state-of-the-art purpose-built vessels to the Oil, Gas and Resource industries. The acquisition of strategically placed businesses has seen Bhagwan Marine grow to be the largest supplier of marine vessels within Australia. With a fleet of approximately 140 vessels and 600 personnel, providing Dive Support, ROV Support, Crew Change, Equipment Deployment, Geophysical Surveys, FPSO Offtake Assist, Dredging/Construction and Oil field support services.

Fleet management provides many challenges from geographical logistics, supply chain management and as always, trying to stay at the forefront of the latest available technology to enable Bhagwan to supply superior service in a very competitive market.

How the MEX Maintenance Software is used?

The acquisition of vessels from all around the country meant that our maintenance solution needed to handle the increase in data. MEX is able to do this by allowing for a logical and seamless Asset Register to be set up and built upon.

Having our system hosted also adds to the versatility of the MEX software. We are able to enter data into the system from each of our vessels from anywhere, anytime.

What benefits have you seen since implementing MEX?

Over the last few years our fleet has grown significantly from around 30 to over 140 vessels. This growth has thrown up a few challenges for us in the management and tracking of all work carried out on these vessels. Throughout this growth, MEX has been with us from the inset and has proven to be versatile enough to cater for the efficient capture of all maintenance data and all other information associated with our growing fleet.

We have found that along with the upkeep of maintenance activities, the MEX Maintenance Software has also helped with both internal and external audits, budgeting and statutory compliance activities. This greatly assists all our on-board crews manage their maintenance activities but also allows remote assistance from shore-based personnel, which is extremely advantageous when it comes to problem solving.

Coupled with accurate Statutory Reporting functionality, MEX allows Bhagwan to save time and money on maintenance tasks carried out and also allow them to concentrate and prioritise on other more important maintenance tasks.

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