Geo40 Case Study

A start-up silica extraction company recently chose MEX to help with its maintenance. Driving factors included flexibility, usability & the ability to work with its existing accountancy software.

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Geo40 was established in 2010 to develop technologies for the extraction of minerals from geothermal fluid that has been used to generate electricity. Geo40 aims to include a further sub-process to extract additional minerals from the silica in a continuous state, such as lithium and boron. The company commissioned it first 'commercial' production plant in 2018.

Why did you choose to purchase MEX as your CMMS?

Geo40 selected MEX as its CMMS solution for a number of reasons. It’s ease of use, powerful reporting capabilities and useful planning tools were obvious factors that steered Geo40 towards the MEX solution.

One criteria set by management was that the chosen CMMS could be linked to and work well with our accountancy software, Xero. MEX definitely met this criteria, where it can link the two systems through a seamless integration.

The MEX Australian-based Support Service was another driving factor for Geo40’s decision. A number of other providers of similar software that we looked into were based in Europe or the Americas and as such the time difference meant office hours only lined up for one or two hours, 4 days a week. MEX being an Australian-based company means we can get direct contact by email or phone every weekday at almost any time of the working day.

How did you find the Sales process?

We had a very positive experience with the MEX Sales Team, particularly with Scott Ralph who is now our Account Manager. Scott was very helpful where if he was unsure of an answer to a question I had, he would talk to the right people and get back to me. This is appreciated as I have found other sales people can be inclined to give an answer that they think you want and then if that is proven incorrect later, they treat it like no big thing.

What are your future plans with MEX?

Geo40 is still considered a start-up company and the MEX Software looks to be one that can grow with us and change with our needs as required. Having a system that is flexible will benefit us a lot as we are in the process of building our first commercial size plant. As our business grows MEX has the ability to adapt to our changing maintenance function while withholding a robust user environment.

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