MEX Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

An introduction to the MEX CMMS

We cover the basics of the Asset Register, Work Orders, History, and Preventative Maintenance modules of the system, as well as provide a good overview of the rest of the features.

MEX Company Introduction

The MEX Company Introduction Video introduces the MEX Maintenance Software solution. Running through what the MEX system can do and the solutions we provide for your Maintenance Industry.

Health and Safety and the MEX CMMS

We take a look at the importance of Health and Safety in the workplace and how you can use the MEX Maintenance Software to improve the way you look at safety.

Are you prepared for a major disaster?

Are you? MEX Data Hosting offers a foolproof Data Hosting Solution that will cater for all your MEX hosted needs even in times of disaster.

Improving Maintenance

In Part 4 of the MEX Educational Videos Steve runs through some of his own experiences on how to Improve Maintenance Practises to better serve an operation and maintenance procedures.

What Is Preventative Maintenance?

We join MEX General Manager Steve Ninnes as he discusses Preventative Maintenance (PM) in Depth. Defining What a PM is, the application of PM's, the types of PM's and best industry practices.

MEX Data Hosting

Hosting your MEX data on the MEX Data Hosting service takes away the frustration of setting up and maintaining a server, save you time and money in the process.

Job Requests

MEX GM Steve Ninnes takes us through Job Requests in Part 2 of the MEX Educational Videos. We look at how you can go about implementing one and best practices in managing such a system.

Custom Fields and Modules

The MEX Custom Fields function allows you to add your own additional fields to the majority of forms used across the MEX system right up to a whole new module for the MEX system.

Introducing the MEX iOS App View

With the release of the MEX CMMS iOS app V2.2 comes a brand new and exciting feature called App View that builds upon the success of the MEX iOS app and adds a new dimension to using MEX on the road.

Maintenance Strategy

Do you have a Maintenance Strategy in your Organisation? MEX GM Steve Ninnes talks about implementing a Maintenance Strategy and the importance of selling this plan.

Introducing The MEX Ops iOS app

Introducing the MEX Ops iOS app developed by the Maintenance Experts software company for use with the MEX Maintenance Software to submit maintenance requests anywhere, any-time.

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