Aviation Maintenance Management

Managing Assets in the Aviation Industry

Airport & Aviation Maintenance is becoming increasingly more complex in nature; airports are large facilities with a multitude of different assets from HVAC’s to Conveyor belts.

Effective maintenance of these assets is critical where poorly maintained equipment can have both costly and disastrous consequences.

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Increase Productivity

Reduce Costs


MEX Maintenance Software can help simplify this process by allowing for easy maintenance management for your ground equipment, assets and aircraft maintenance.

Keep Assets Healthy

MEX lets you establish an effective Preventative Maintenance Schedule to keep Assets running for longer. Combined with a robust Job Request, Work Order and History platform the system lets you take total control of the maintenance of your equipment.

Manage Cost-Cutting

With a slowdown in Travel, now is the best time to tune up your maintenance strategy. Mitigate your risks by reviewing asset performance, refine reading capture efforts and look to automate the tasks and the scheduling of them.

Inventory Management

Unwanted breakdowns can cost you more than just revenue. Use MEX Stores to ensure you always have ample critical Spare Parts on hand. Carry out regular Stocktakes to ensure stock levels are accurate and track all purchasing.

Maintenance Requests



Allow users to submit maintenance requests anywhere, any time. Either from from a browser, mobile or tablet. Capturing all details, photos and predefined electronic forms.

Working in MEX, your maintenance team can then categorically sort requests according to a preferred priority schedule, weeding out any low priority issues and turning high priority requests into actionable Work Orders.

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MEX Ops Request Process

Cairns and Mackay Airports

Cairns Airport is an award winning domestic and international airport owned and operated by Northern Queensland Airports (NQA). Since implementing the MEX it’s really streamlined our Asset Management efforts and improved our ability to monitor and manage our maintenance requirements.

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