MEX Maintenance Software in Government Management

Government Maintenance Software

Whether you are a local council or federal government department, you will have in your care a vast number of public assets that are used to service and maintain to benefit the community.

Managing these assets can have its challenges and without an effective system in place to monitor and maintain these assets, undoubtedly you will experience a number of issues. Unwanted downtime, shortened asset lifecycles, unsuccessful planning, scheduling and budgeting headaches, to name a few.

The challenge is finding a system that’s versatile enough to work with your processes. Be it a fleet of vehicles or facilities, MEX can help you stay on top of every step in your maintenance process.

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Manage Your Assets

The MEX Way

With MEX you have the ability to manage all elements of your maintenance operations from anywhere and at any time.

Keep Assets Healthy

MEX is a great tool to develop effective maintenance practices to help build a defence against the impact of downtime. Government entities can avoid this by going paperless.

Retain Information

MEX is an all in one system! Every piece of data you’ve ever needed is stored in one central location that can be accessed by anyone (with assigned security).

Trigger Automation

With MEX you can setup usage based automatic work orders on all equipment. Maximise uptime and minimise repair costs with thanks to an effective Preventative Maintenance Plan.

Quality Control

MEX gives you regular service capabilities by allowing users to conduct periodic asset audits or inspections ensuring you are in compliance with OHS Standards.

Request Management

Government entities have a large workforce. By giving them the tools to request maintenance, MEX allows for work to be easily collated, assigned and carried out with relative ease.

Forecast Budgets

With a comprehensive data history for all reporting policies and quality controls procedures available, MEX allows for budgets to be forecasted and to justify increases or cost cutting.

Councils that Trust

Our Solution

Clarence Valley Council

Clarence Valley is situated at the southern end of the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia. The Clarence Valley Council was formed in 2004 and services an area of 10,400 square kilometres with an estimated population of 49,665 people. The Council currently uses MEX predominantly to manage their water and sewer assets.

Port Stephens Council

Port Stephens Council is located in the Hunter region of New South Wales approximately 200km north of Sydney with an estimated population of over 70, 000. FleetMEX was implemented across all levels from the Fleet Manager down to the Workshop Leading Hand to capture whole of life maintenance records for each and every vehicle in their fleet.

City of Belmont

City of Belmont is a local government area in the inner eastern suburbs of Perth. The authority exists to provide facilities, services, spaces and plans for the future for the community to live, work and play in ways that are healthy, efficient, safe and sustainable.