Food Processing Maintenance Management

Drive Productivity with MEX

It is no longer business as usual and food processors have to adapt and implement new operating practices. As production levels are ramped up, plants and factories need to ensure maintenance isn’t compromised.

The MEX CMMS Solution provides the unique tools to support the new ways of working! As the demand for food and beverages continues to skyrocket, MEX helps you keep track and maintain your machines, production lines and facilities.

MEX will drive productivity while allowing maintenance teams to prepare audits for Food Safety Standards.

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Managing Your Equipment

The MEX Way

With the #1 CMMS, MEX lets you organise and view machines, systems and facilities while easily accessing the work order history of all critical assets.

Keep Detailed Documentation

Health and Safety Legislation and Food Safety Practices are more important than ever. With MEX you can prepare Audits and keep detailed documentation to show the steps that prove you are complying.

Safeguard Workers by Reducing Social Contact

The wellbeing of your workers should be top priority. MEX can be your secret weapon to implement virtual communication. Your maintenance team can work from anywhere by using the MEX App on their own personal device, instead of sharing.

Trigger Automation based on Usage

With MEX you can setup automatic work orders on all machinery and equipment based on usage. Plants can maximise uptime and keep repair costs to a minimum with thanks to an effective Preventative Maintenance Plan.

Access Your Maintenance

Anywhere Any Time

Monitor your maintenance activities from Anywhere with MEX Data Hosting. With no time wasted in getting you up and running on our Hosting platform. We make sure you are up and running in four quick steps:

Shared or Dedicated

Make the choice of either hosting your MEX system on a Shared Server with 40 other customers or commision your own Dedicated Server.

Stress Free Transition

Transferring your MEX data into the cloud is a simple and stress-free process. Our dedicated cloud administration team take care of everything for you making your setup as seamless as possible.

Quick Set Up

Hosting your data in the cloud might sound like a technical lengthy process but we promise you it won’t be, majority of customers are up and running in less than 24 hours.

Instant Access

Once set up is complete and the wheels are in motion we simply send you a link. Something like and away you go.

Companies that Trust

Our Solution

The New Zealand King Salmon Co

The New Zealand King Salmon Co. have a high need for engineering and electrical services at their farms and processing plants. MEX helps them manage these services by recording and tracking all maintenance activities carried out on all equipment.

Queensland Sugar Limited

Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) is a leader in the raw sugar market in Australia and has over the years built an excellent reputation for quality. QSL utilize MEX through our hosted service across six bulk sugar terminals to manage and mobilise day-to-day maintenance activities.


Since implementing MEX, Bega have seen a dramatic decrease in our paper usage and the majority of our day to day tasks are now computerized. This now eliminates double handling and reduces the risk of losing data. MEX being paperless allows us to digitalise all maintenance information giving us a comprehensive library of data in one location.